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It is not just only about the money!
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So many people today how live a life as they thing they have to live.

I will show that are possible alternatives to the traditional daily life with a job 8-17. It is possible ta change the lifestyle, to use your own potential, so you can create the work around the life – not create the life around work.

So, let´s go ahead and look at what tools you can use. Learn to use the power that currently exists on the Internet and the digital economy.

Let us go from education to action & create your lifestyle you dream about.

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Live a digital lifestyle – the freedom to work from anywhere!
Live a lifestyle digtial need a decent laptop, an internet connection and a healthy dose of good ‘ole fashioned entrepreneurial drive and determination and They are in business.

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Hi Everyone! I´m Karin Sundquist and I am a digtital entrepreneur & photographer, but have a diverse background in various branches!

Right now I lived in Stockholm, Sweden. In the late 80s I went my first computer course, after that I told myself that I will never ever work with something where I have to use a computer. Back then it took me half an hour to just log in! However, times change and here I sit with the computer as my main work tool.

Before I tell you my story, let´s talk about why this site is useful for you. What these sites are for. How you could really benefit from using the information on the site. Those who probably will get the most out of my site are the ones who is a small business owner, the ones in a phase of a lifestyle change and those who values the work of their own mindset. Just like you, and many others, I strive to be the very best of myself, to forge my own path. 

Here’s a quick taste of what you’ll find here…

‘We´ve become what we think’. Think kind thoughts about yourself.

‘Learn something new every day’. Knowledge of Online marketing and how to running a profitable Online Business.

‘Work Smart not Hard’. Planning- and online tools.

Plus you will see some of my photos, and a lot of other things!

Everything is written with the intention to inspire others to dare, to take new steps, to trust their own ability and to see which opportunities that exist.

Want to know more?

This page is like a digital home for me. A home that is always there no matter where I am geographically. A mix between the personal and business. To strengthen health, create your own businesss online and other important things that´s good in the everyday life.

Obviously, I don´t know all the answers, but I do have a lot of life experience. i would probably tire you if I here and now would write my entire story :-) I hope that you will find something that suits you, something that will help and inspire you where you are today.

Like what you´re reading & want to stay in touch?! If this sounds like you. Welcome aboard! I´m glad you found my site!

You can follow me on Twitter @KarinSundquist and Instagram @karins_sundquist I´d be happy if you want to contact me! So feel welcome to my digital home! Thank you very much for stopping by & make sure to share what you´ve read and found out from me.



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